Barbara O'Connell MIAHIP


County Cork

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Accredited by IAHIP
Cork City Psychotherapists
County Cork Psychotherapists
Work Phone: 086 387 1477
Mobile Phone: 086 387 1477
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More Information
Business Address
28 Dugort House
McCurtain Street
Cork City
Business information – Accreditation
Accredited by IAHIP
Psychotherapist and Supervisor
First name: Barbara
Last name: O'Connell
Special Interests
Relationships, Domestic Violence, Anxiety/Stress, Addictions, Disabilities, OCD, Depression, Psychoses, Eating Disorders, Sexual Abuse, Loss and Bereavement.
All IAHIP accredited psychotherapists are fully qualified and experienced practitioners. In order to be accredited, therapists must have completed a comprehensive course of training as well as a minimum of 600 hours of supervised practice.